Steel Crest Hinged Access Panel

Steel Crest Hinged Access Panel
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Hinged Access Panel

Steel Crest Hinged Access Panel allows you to hide thermostats, water heaters, control panels and any other things you want to be unseen yes still want available access to when needed. The access panels are made of 11 gauge steel and produced in the USA. You are able to choose between 30 designs and 15 finishes and they are all available in 14 different sizes. The most common use for the Hinged Access Panel is hiding electrical wiring, pipes, water temperature gauge and much more! 


Hinged Access Panel Highlights:

The overall dimensions of the access panel will be 2" larger than the listed size. For example, if the listed size is 12" x 12" the overall dimensions will be 14" x 14". For installation, it is very similar to a normal return grille. You place the access panel inside the hole opening and use the screws included to screw it in to place. 


Color samples of the different finish options are available for a small deposit fee. Once the samples are returned to us that deposit will then be refunded.


Please note: This item is special order, non returnable and cannot be canceled once placed.