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Gold Series Register Accessories

Gold Series Register Accessories
Gold Series Register Accessories Air Deflector Wire Mesh Backer Speaker Cloth Backer Beveled Edge
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Gold Series Register Accessories

Each of these Gold Series Register Accessories can be purchased in over 70 different sizes! Use these accessories with any Gold Series floor or wall register. Please make sure when ordering you base your purchase off the actual hole opening size, much like when ordering for the actual register. For example; if your hole opening is 12" x 10" you will not only need to purchase a 12" x 10" register (wall or floor) but you will also need to order any accessory needed in the same size for each listing is based off the hole opening size or inside dimensions. Each accessory is unique and holds it's own purpose, please see information below.

Air Deflector:

This will be used on registers where the air needs to be deflected in 1 or more directions. Please see detailed picture of Air Deflector Examples and make sure when adding this item to your cart you signify which type of deflection is needed. 

Wire Mesh Backer:

If your register is being used outdoors this will help prevent any bugs or other unwanted things coming into your home through your vent.  **This should never be used with a forced-air system due to the fact that it acts as a filter with heavy dust build-up.

Speaker Cloth Backer:

Turn your regular register into a speaker grille within seconds! 

Beveled Edging:

This accessory is useful for softening up the appearence of your register to make the edges look tapered. If being used on the floor, the larger the grille the thicker the material is. For example, any register with the narrowest measurement being over 10" the material will then be thicker and therefore is recommended for beveled edging.

Stainless Steel Finish:

Unlike the normal powder coated finishes, Stainless Steel Finish does not have any protective finish on it. It is simply buffed out to give it that great shine!

Please note: These accessories are for Gold Series Registers (floor or wall) only and are not to be used with any other series registers. 

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