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Victorian Baseboard Grille - Decorative Vent Cover

These Decorative Vent Covers come in a beautiful Victorian design that is sure to enhance the look of your home or office within minutes! Our baseboard grilles have a fully steel construction and are finished with a powder coating to prevent chipping and rust. We offer these Victorian Baseboard Grills in 3 finish options and 2 sizes. These items are regularly stocked which means no long wait time! Victorian Baseboard Grilles are easily installed and come with matching hardware for installation.


Decorative Vent Cover Highlights:

The overall dimensions on the grille are going to be 2 inches larger than the listed size. The 14" x 6" will measure 16" x 8" overall and the 30" x 6" will measure 32" x 8" overall.


Tip: When ordering, make sure you are measureing the actual hole opening size and placing your order based off that. For example, if your hole opening is 14" x 6" you will then purchase a 14" x 6" grille.


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