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Bronze Series Register Accessories

Bronze Series Register Accessories
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Bronze Series Register Accessories

Bronze Series Register Accessories are a great way to transform your normal register into something more beneficial to you! There are 3 different options to choose from; Air Deflector, Speaker Cloth, and Mesh Backer. Each accessory has it's own uses and there are 21 different sizes to choose from for each. Below you will find more information about what each one is for.

Air Deflector:

This allows you to be able to not only control the airflow but also deflect it in the direction you are needing. This accessory is able to deflect the airflow in 4 different directions. An example picture is shown below as to the different ways this can be purchase. Please see photo and make sure to indicat which way you are needing the air to be deflected in the notes section of your order

Speaker Cloth:

This speaker cloth is able to transform your normal Bronze Series Grill into a beautiful speaker grill. Simply attach the speaker cloth to the grill and install your grill onto your speaker.

Mesh Backer:

The mesh backer is mainly used for grilles that are placed outdoors. This backer allows you to keep any bugs or debris from the outside to enter your home through the grille. **This should never be used with a forced-air system due to the fact that it acts as a filter with heavy dust build-up.

Please note: These accessories are for Bronze Series Registers only, no other Steel Crest series can be used with these specific accessories. 

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